Sunday, January 27, 2008

GWB Reading Strategies

The reading process...

What does what I'm reading mean to me - transaction
Reader uses complex plans or strategies to make meaning from text:

Reading Strategies
  • sampling
  • inferring
  • predicting
based on knowledge and background experiences - cyclical and integral processes
  • confirming
  • integrating
Constructing meaning:
  • Your purpose for reading
  • The relat'p of what you're reading to your view of the world
Cueing systems
  1. graphophonic - relat'p between oral and written language
  2. syntactic - relat'p between words, sentences, and paragraphs - word order, tense, number, gender, grammar - Ability to ask, "Does this sound right?"
  3. semantic - relat'p between language and meaning
  4. pragmatic
I remember very clearly someone asking me - well, how do you know its' right? And I said, I just sounds right - and I remember as a kid, when doing grammar exercises - just instinctively knowing what was right, because it just sounded right - and i wondered why it didn't just sound right for other kids - why did I have that and they didn't was it reading that gave me that knowledge? Is there a carry over to ESL and language acquisition?

Experienced readers balance the use of strategies and systems - Beginning readers need help in integrating both in their reading processes.

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