Wednesday, March 5, 2008

KVS: Identifying Issues, Themes, & Possibilitites

Start with the known.... what do we know about our students and what they are interested in -
aiming curricular design at who our students are - things that provide insight into their lives and thinking.. not just about what they do and like...

During activities look at student work, listen to their conversations, take note of their questions and ideas.

Move beyond the known...look at the social issues that surround student interests - draw them deeper - give them new perspectives, point out anomalies, - ponder how the world is and how it could be

Connect what you find out about students (casual conversations, student writing, lit discussions, student art, music, or dramatizations etc.) to new invitations


Language(s) spoken

What I know about their cultural lives, experiences, and resources they bring to the classroom

What I’ve noticed you’re interested in and thinking about

What have I missed? What are other issues and interests on your mind?

Reflect on what you know about your student and write invitations to take them deeper/beyond - or suggest invitations that might be of interest to them.

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