Friday, February 29, 2008

KVS: Invitations - 4 Common Features

Invitations usually have 4 common features... (pg 30)

1. An initiating experience - position the invitations in relation to participants' current understanding and within their social contexts. Definitions, perrspectives, quotations, histories, sample scenarios, and/or questions may frame this element of the written invitation

2. A formally presented invitation: "You are invited to..." - these 4 words signal to participants that they are the decision-makers, able to chart their own course

3. Possible questions to pursue. Since all teaching, learning, and human interactions are political, suggested questions often encourage participants to place their personal experiences w/in social contexts and/or approach issues from critical perspectives

4. Related resources - Assemble diverse resourcves related to invitation issues to facilitate rich inquiries. Allow for a variety of ways in which to construct meaning - language, art, drama, math, etc...

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