Sunday, March 23, 2008

KVS: Teaching Inquiry through Strategy Lessons

Becoming a critical inquirer (pg. 82)

Help students move beyond fact finding, retelling, and making personal connections - to - issues they explore as a means to create a more just world.

Shifting kids awareness from finding out what to becoming aware of the practices and processes they use as critical inquirers... like shifting focus from listening to a teacher teach content (the "what") to watching "how" she is teaching...

How do you get them to see the processes they are using?

Mapping paths of inquiry - sketch a kind of storyboard of the actual group process - they can then share and discuss with other groups the different processed used.

Sorting Questions and Responses - Data-gathering questions vs process-questions vs critical questions

Imagining Alternative Scenarios - highlight productive invitation processes, but be open to new and different ways to approach things

Learning from Experience -
build skills over time

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