Sunday, February 10, 2008

Coming Into Focus

OK, I've really been struggling with this course, trying to find my place and my questions!!! I know there is a reason why I chose this class, but I was so unsure about things!! I usually like to follow my instinct when I get a hunch, but I can't see the whole plan - and it usually works out...

FINALLY things started to click in terms of my own learning and authentic questions...

I wanted to know how kids learn to read and how that connects/informs what I know about adult literacy and how I teach already.

SO as I searched in vain for an I-Search paper - it led me to the answers I was seeking!! - I started to look at the literature on adolescent literacy and things started to click - literacy as a contiuum through life - and the middle years as the missing/neglected topic of study - The reading is amazing and it focuses on content area reading, so that connects directly with what college students need to be able to do as well... So a topic of interest and connection - I feel sooooo relieved to have finally ofund this link.

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