Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Here is a question that has come to my mind...

In whole language, we are looking to teach in an integrated, top-down fashion, using many different types of authentic materials - a strictly skills based program doesn't cut it in terms of helping students to become meaning-makers and reading lovers... Do I have it so far?

My question now... (jumping forward a few years when kids reach content courses) - What I read is that a strategies approach is best - teaching students strategies - like recognizing structures of academic texts, skimming, active reading strategies...BUT - is this just the same old thing - skills based in disguise - separating parts out from the whole

Is this analogy apt? ... that phonics taught in isolation (in elementary) is akin to reading strategies taught in isolation in higher grade courses?

If that is the case - is anyone doing anything similar to WL in upper classes/higher ed? I am looking into the Reading Apprenticeship Program (WestEd) which seems to be starting downt his ally a bit -

Is my thinking on target and do you know of any people doing WL work/application in higher ed where content is king?

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