Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Adolescent Literacy: Brozo CH 1Adol Literacies and identity

"Adolescence is marked by an active and self-conscious process of identity construction" (pg 7)

4th grade slump - they lose interest in more formal academic endeavors..."As young people become more cognitively astute and self-aware they seek contexts that support their growing sense of autonomy, desire fr social networking, and identity development." (pg 8)

What works?
Offer a curriculum that is responsive to the interest and abilities they b ring to school and pays attention to who they are as individuals.

Language, culture, and identity are intertwined...

Literacy in everyday lives of youth-IM, Internet, compu games, using tech like MP3s

Schools should make room for the ways student discourse has changed - expressed through variety of media...
What counts as literacy?" (pg 13) Help them translate the familiar to the unfamiliar - literacy on their terms to literacy in academic arenas...

Dispelling stereotypes about adolescents and thinking of possibilities.

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