Tuesday, June 17, 2008

L 517: Tovani CH 1

FEwer strategies are better if taught well and used meaningfully

Use of real questions when interacting with text.

Good readers monitor their comprehension - recognize when confused and do something to repair it.

Thinking strategies
1. Activating backgruond knowledge - connect new to known
2. Self-questioning to clarify
3. Drawing inferences
4. Determining what's most important in text vs details
5. using fix-up strategies to repair confusion
6. Use sensory visualization to enhance comprehension
7. Synthesizing and extending thinking

Fix-up strategies- how to get unstuck when text gets confusing
1. Make a connection between text and - your life, knowledge of world, another text
2. make a prediction
3. stop and think about what you've read
4. Ask yourself a question and try to answer it
5. reflect in writing what you've read
6. visualize
7. use print conventions
8. re-tell what you;ve read
9. re-read
10. Notice patterns in text structure
11.Adjust your reading rate - slow down or speed up - look for definitions in text.

As content teachers - think of your role as teaching content but also teaching students how to remember and reuse the info we ask them to read.

Why teach strategies? To help them be more thoughtful about their reading - meaning arrives because we are purposefully engaged in thinking while we read... (pg 9)

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